Our Story

Hear the story of a young Italian woman named Amelia whom traveled to America in search of opportunities and prosperity.

Get to know Amelia

In 1903 the family of a young Italian, named Amelia, left the blue coast of Naples, Italy and made the difficult voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. Fueled by the promises of opportunity and American prosperity they landed at Ellis Island and began the challenges of establishing a new life in an unfamiliar land.

 Far away from her generational home Amelia found comfort through connecting to her roots and cooking the recipes of her ancestors to share with the community. She then passed down these recipes to her children who continued the tradition as a delicious way to tell the story of their Italian heritage.

Present Day

Four generations later, it is our mission at Amelia’s & Co. to honor her legacy by bringing the cherished flavors of southern Italy to your table. We do so, by only using the freshest of fine Italian ingredients as we craft our sauces in Italy.


With each bite you will be transported by the rich flavors to the warm kitchen of Amelia and experience the comforting taste of authentic Italian cuisine in modern life.

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