Creamy Arrabbiata Rigatoni

Creamy Arrabbiata Rigatoni

Let's explore a spicy dish! This creamy Arrabbiata Rigatoni is a dish that you will constantly be craving. It is filling, rich, and has a good kick to it. 

If you are looking for a good meal that has a burst of fresh flavor and comforting creaminess, this is the one for you. Make this for a date night, family dinner, or even make it for meal prep for the week!

Creamy Arrabbiata Rigatoni


What you will need:


How to make Creamy Arrabbiata Rigatoni:

  • Begin with cooking the Rigatoni to a perfect al dente and set to the side
  • In a pan on medium to high heat, pour 2-3 tablespoons of Amelia's Olive Oil
  • Next, add the garlic cloves and cherry tomatoes to the pan
  • Once the garlic is fragrant and tomatoes are slightly softened, pour in the heavy cream
  • As the heavy cream begins to bubble, softly mix the ingredients and add your seasonings
  • Then, pour in the Arrabbiata sauce and lastly, the cooked Rigatoni
  • Once the sauce has perfectly coated the pasta, begin to plate
  • Tear open the Burrata on top of the pasta and garnish with basil
  • Lastly, enjoy this creamy dish with a spicy kick


Buon appetito!

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